Things to Do When in Menorca

After visiting Mallorca or Ibiza, drop by the sun-drenched shores here on Menorca. More peaceful than its neighbouring island, you get to hear more birds than late-night dance music. This eastern Balearic Island has its own rhythm. It has long, sandy beaches alternating with its two cities, the Anglo-Spanish Maó and Ciutadella which is a complex maze of a city that is still mellow but distinctive of this peaceful getaway.

There are nearly 70 thousand km of stone walls that cross the hilly fields that run between the rural whitewashed villages. The following are some of the best things to do when visiting.

Half-Day Catamaran Trip

On this journey, you see the natural beaches and coves which are only accessible by catamaran. Snorkel in the Mediterranean’s clear, unspoiled waters. This is a perfect trip for a family, for couples or for singletons looking for an adventure. Everyone on board from babies to older folks will enjoy the trip. There are even seats available for those who use wheelchairs or who have reduced mobility.

Feel the privilege of being part of the crew. Explore new spots and discover things you never imagined before as you disconnect from daily life. This trip is a rare opportunity to sail away from your stress and truly escape

Zoo Lloc de Menorca

This zoo employs a different concept of a zoo park. Enjoy with family or friends. The Lloc Menorca is committed to implementing different ways of environmental conservation. With many enrichment programmes in place designed to better the lives of the animals, it is a zoo you will not want to miss visiting especially if you have children.

Every animal in the zoo is a rescue animal. See the lemurs and become fully immersed in their habitat to learn more about these curious creatures. Feed the goats and then delight over the many moods of the macaque monkeys.

Guided Tours of Menorca

Take guided personal tours of the island to get to know all the best spots. Your guides will teach you so much about the island and its history. Enjoy the view from Monte Toro. At 358 m it is the highest spot on the island. It is located in the very middle of the island.

Your guide from The Spain Event may also bring you to Fornells a typical Menorca fisherman´s village. Enjoy exciting water sports and dine on delicious, fresh lobster dishes. Get a glimpse of Albufera d´es Grau, a Biosphere Reservoir where you will see delightful fauna and flora. Explore the King’s Island naval base, La Mola Fortress and so much more. You will not see the island as closeup and as personal as you will with a personal guide.

Ciutadella Evening Tour

This is an opportunity to sightsee, dine and shop. You will marvel at the ambience of the port and the town as it glimmers in the evening. This is the former capital city of the island and you will not want to miss dining on the waterfront outside.

Your evening tour will cover a visit to the main square and the cathedral. Enjoy late shopping for souvenirs in the old town. Relax at a bar or café. Do not forget to bring a camera and wear comfortable walking shoes. This is another way to explore a different side of the island and it will leave you mesmerised.

Kayak and Snorkeling Excursion

This tour will take you along the bay which is rich with marine life. It is part of the Natural Reserve of Northern Menorca. During this tour, you see unspoiled places which you can only get to via kayak. Explore Cala Blanca, at the south end of the bay. See the cave of the English man. It is located outside the by near the east side of the island’s northern coast. It is a beautiful, varied landscape that begs you to snorkel as well as kayak through.

Kayaks are lightweight, yet seaworthy. They can get you anywhere you like including grottos and caves. See a whole new side of the island while getting more in touch with nature.

These are just some of the things you must do when visiting this incredible island. Book your trip soon.