7 Steps to Get Employed in Singapore

Singapore is not only known for its beautiful beaches and Twin Towers, but it is also known for its flexible, low taxation policies, low living costs and a welcoming environment. Many people share the dream of living and getting employment in Singapore.

Looking for a job can be difficult especially if you want to relocate yourself to a different county. Fortunately, the job market is growing and therefore, in Singapore job vacancy finding is not as hard as in western countries. The number of local and expat startups has increased many folds. It has become very easy and doable for foreigners to find a job in Singapore now. But there are always some certain ambiguities that hinder people from going that way, so here is a 7 steps guide for you that will make it convenient for you to correctly find a job in Singapore.

  1. Checking your eligibility

Before you start looking for job vacancies, you must evaluate your eligibility to work in Singapore. You can get a work permit to obtain employment in Singapore, based on your qualification. The Ministry of Manpower, Singapore, has designed an online tool, SmArt, with which you can evaluate your eligibility and check your likelihood of finding a job in Singapore.

You must also know that you cannot apply for visa before you have a job and a minimum requirement meeting salary in hand. Thus applying for visa in the last step in this list and not first.

  1. Choosing the industry

Like rest of the world, some industries in Singapore are stronger than others. Due to strong financial sector, many new industries are also flourishing and offer golden job opportunities in Singapore. Jobs related to IT industry, marketing, compliance, UI and UX designing and e-commerce has proven to be very fruitful. Also finding jobs in hospitality, human resource management and tourism industry in Singapore can be the right way to go.

  1. Understanding Employment Practices

Before you sign-up for a job, you must review the common employment practices in Singapore and get to know if they suit your lifestyle or not.

  1. Online Searching

By searching online through sites like Best Jobs, Monster, Job Central and Job Street you can find jobs relatively easily.

  1. Meeting with Employment Agency

Connecting yourself with a recruitment agency has many advantages. It will help you improve your CV and also in interview preparations. Some of the well-known recruitment agencies like 3C Synergy and Spencer Stuart have proven to be very helpful for job searchers.

  1. Applying for Visa

After smartly dealing with steps mentioned above, you will surely get a job offer. Now is the time when you have to apply for work visa. Singapore is known for its welcoming climate, getting visa is not a very difficult task. You can apply for visa online.

  1. Get Ready to Move

Once your permit is approved, you are all set to leave for Singapore. You can quickly adapt Singaporean lifestyle. If you have enough courage and strength, you can make your dream of living and work in Singapore come true.