Operating a Business From a Self-Storage Unit

Do you use your kitchen table as your businesses base of operations? Have you had to run your business from one of the rooms (a home office or unused bedroom) in your house? Or is your business taking over your entire living space at home, with marketing and business related materials littered all over your living room furniture and products covering every inch of your floors?

If your answer to any or all the above questions is a resounding “yes”, to make your house your home again, it may be time you moved your business operations to a more business friendly location. However, renting a traditional business space can be quite costly, especially considering the long-term commitment required. It might be worthwhile for you to consider other options before making such an investment. For instance, you can get all the space you might need at a fraction of the cost, and with a substantially shorter commitment requirement, by opting for a two to three hundred square foot storage unit.

Many types of businesses have taken this route, and today we will discuss some of them.

Online Sellers

Online stores that offer a wide variety of products, usually have huge space requirements. Housing all these products in your house is not only inconvenient but also challenging, regardless of whether you have a room to spare. In addition to stock items, you might also be in need of space consuming packaging materials.

When it comes to housing stock and conducting daily operations, a storage unit can be used as a small warehouse, especially for small and medium-sized online stores. A small storage space provided by the likes of Blue Box Storage gives you a base to put up your order fulfilment centre, whilst also saving you some much needed cash, regardless of what you are dealing in; provided that it’s legal of course.

Trades Related Businesses

Although it might be surprising, it’s common to find tradesmen/women using storage units to house their operations but of course, they don’t work in the units! They mostly use these spaces to house their tools of work and materials for daily usage. This is a great solution when it comes to the storage of bulky tools that may only be needed every once in a while. It saves them from having to keep their most expensive tools in their work van all the time.

A storage unit is also a great solution when it comes to the convenient and safe storage of substantial amounts of materials that are used on a regular basis. For instance, a carpenter might find that keeping their stock of timber, glues, screws and clamps at home is inconvenient and carrying them in their van to every site they visit is somewhat risky so using a storage unit is the perfect solution.

Independent Stores Located on the High Street

As it stands, rental properties on the high street are marginally smaller, whilst rents are at an all-time high. The result is, that retailers have little to no space available to house additional supplies and stock, as they try to get the most out of the smaller store units. As such, retailers on the high street are turning to self-storage units to house extra stock as a way of efficiently utilising their available shop floor space.

Housing your operations in a storage unit can come with a variety of benefits including not having to personally move huge packages after they are delivered to your home address as most facilities usually accept package deliveries on behalf of their customers.