Month: November 2019

Sports Bets, How and when to Win with Value Bets

Playing betting on online betting sites is very simple, while the hard part is staying in profit over time, which means gaining from the game by bringing in overall amounts greater than the wagers made. To achieve this goal, it is often not enough to have a sniff and a bit of luck, but we must go in search of those odds on events that appear to be apparently poorly calculated. These are those that in the jargon of sports bets are defined as “value bets”, that is, odds that seem to be clearly better than even competing bookmakers. Why does a bookmaker then, perhaps only temporarily, offer odds that are more attractive than they should on one or more sports events? Well, in this case we can talk about a momentary evaluation error by the bookmaker, as instead it can be simply a wanted strategy in order to attract … Read More

Try these investment tips for simple success

Investments, shares and private equities are not usually top of the curriculum in your average high school and so the investment world can appear unnatural and overwhelming. With limited knowledge of the stock market, most people are apprehensive about taking a risk with their hard-earned cash. 


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Just how risky is it? We’ve put together some of the frequently asked questions for people starting out in the stock market:

1. Where do I start?

Spend time researching and learn about investing. There is a wealth of information online, become familiar with the basics before you make a financial commitment.

2. How much shall I invest?

Set yourself an investment goal and be realistic about your personal financial situation.

3. Who will manage my investment portfolio?


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You may wish to go DIY and set up an account over the internet and online tools are available to assist you … Read More