Understanding The Impounded Car Insurance

Do you know that around 11,500 vehicles have been seized by the police because the owner was not able to produce the insurance documents? Well, this was the case of west midland and the data accounts for 12 months. That’s why it is important to know about the impounded car insurance. First of what it impound insurance?



The impounded car insurance policy provides a gateway to get back a car from the compounding of police on the spot if you present 30-day third party insurance cover. It is applicable to one driver at a time, aged between 21 and 75. You cannot use one-day car insurance to collect your car from a police compound, to retrieve the car; the owner of the car has to produce valid car insurance with its validity of 30 days.

From where to get:-

  • There are various online portals from where you can get an instant online cover with 30 days of coverage.

  • In that, you may get a certificate of insurance on your mail id.

What you need to get back impounded car:-

  • There are various documents which you need to retrieve your cars such as proof of insurance, identity proof, an identity of ownership, address proof and a valid MOT certificate. Well, this is not the holistic list of documents, it may depend on the other factors such as the reason and place of impound.

  • If you do not have the annual insurance policy, then get the temporary insurance policy which also includes impounded car insurance.

  • Ensure that impound insurance covers two crucial things, the first one, your policy must cover for a period of 30 days (as most of the temporary insurance policy cover for 28 days, so be careful) and second, your policy must specify that is cover the impounded car insurance (as many policies do not cover this).

What you look in impound insurance:-

  • Apart from above-mentioned, you may also check the availability of the third party cover to release your car immediately, printable certificate of insurance, acceptance of pending car insurance.

  • Impounded car insurance doesn’t cover the rented car, so if your car is rented and get seize then the insurance should be made in the name of the owner otherwise it won’t be of any use.

  • Moreover, you cannot add another driver in impounded insurance.

  • You can release your car within the same day of insurance by getting an instant online quote as the certificate will be sent to you via mail.

Well, these were the few things you should look into the car insurance. If you are contemplating why police capture your uninsured car then they are not doing it to harm you, they are just following the law. As, under section 165A of the road traffic act 1998, police have the legal power to seize any car which is being driven without valid insurance.

Hope this article has guided you about the impound insurance.