Sports Bets, How and when to Win with Value Bets

Playing betting on online betting sites is very simple, while the hard part is staying in profit over time, which means gaining from the game by bringing in overall amounts greater than the wagers made. To achieve this goal, it is often not enough to have a sniff and a bit of luck, but we must go in search of those odds on events that appear to be apparently poorly calculated. These are those that in the jargon of sports bets are defined as “value bets”, that is, odds that seem to be clearly better than even competing bookmakers. Why does a bookmaker then, perhaps only temporarily, offer odds that are more attractive than they should on one or more sports events? Well, in this case we can talk about a momentary evaluation error by the bookmaker, as instead it can be simply a wanted strategy in order to attract new players and / or to direct the bets in a certain direction. However, value bets are often not associated with the most probable predictions, and therefore at the lowest odds, but at the least probable ones with a consequent overvaluation. Finding the value bets becomes, among other things, simpler, having opened more game accounts with more bookmakers who fix the odds by relying on statistics, but also on a certain degree of subjectivity that can make the difference in favor of the bettor. Betting on events with a very high stake can clearly be risky, since the likelihood of losing the bet is just as high. However, when the value bets are attractive you can bet a 5-10% budget based on your risk profile with the awareness that, if you guess the forecast, you can ‘go to the cashier’ maybe even recovering your losses on those bets with low-level events that betrayed our expectations.