Real Estate Marketing Ideas For 2018

Putting in place strategies that can help you achieve maximum exposure and set you apart from the rest, is essential when it comes to commercial real estate marketing. To assist you in staying ahead of the chasing pack in this digital age, even as the commercial real estate market continues to change through 2018, we have put together a list of marketing ideas for realtors.

Here’s a  list from of marketing ideas and approaches to help you distinguish yourself from the competition, and as such, make a success out of your operation.

1. Responsive Website

The main foundation of all your digital marketing efforts is considered to be your website. Up to 80 percent of tenants and investors make purchase and lease decisions through online resources. As such attracting prospects, achieving brand visibility and pushing sales and lease-ups are all dependent on your website. Furthermore, your website’s user experience on the devices used by users has a bearing on your overall ability to attract investors, brokers and prospective customers/clients.

2. Videos

Most commercial real estate companies are yet to integrate the powerful medium that is videos to their marketing mix. Videos provide you with the opportunity to showcase your properties, and the company as a whole, in a better way, distinguishing yourself from the competition, in addition to giving you a different kind of material to keep your website’s visitors engaged for longer.

3. Search Engine Optimisation

When it comes to SEO, you should ensure that your site meets all the necessary requirements. In addition helping the site attract a substantial amount of free traffic from search engines, such as Google, an effective SEO approach can also boost your brand’s visibility with respect to the targeted keyword search terms relating to the company. With an increasing number of real estate customers using the internet to research available properties, you should avoid being left out.

4. Use Google Ads to Implement Targeted Marketing Campaigns

With Google AdWords, realtors can target prospective clients over the internet in a quick, scalable and efficient way. You can display your special offers and property offering in specific areas in search results or using display and retargeted ads for users on your site or on competitor sites through programmatic advertising. This is, in the simplest terms, the fastest means by which you can be visible to the most interested prospective clients.

5. Come Up With a Robust Presentation

When it comes to communicating your brand’s story and service offering to potential clients, a good presentation can be immense. To make a lasting impression on your audience, the presentation should be of the best quality. You should invest in an engaging presentation that tells a compelling story, connects with your target audience and is professionally made.

7. Insist On the Use of High-Quality Photos Only

Acquiring and using high-quality photos that are taken by a professional is one of the best ways to effectively set your properties above the rest. These photos are considered to be your most important investment in marketing your properties as they play a massive role in creating a first impression; they are used in OMs, brochures, listings and presentations.

8. Go a Step Further With Drone Imagery

Drone photography and videography has become much more accessible and cost-effective over the past couple of years, enabling realtors to capture alluring aerial images of their properties. To set your marketing photographs a level above the rest, be sure to consider using High Definition drone images.

9. Build a Network

CRE is a relationship-driven activity (in fact, it is hugely reliant on the connections); however, when pursuing new customers, it becomes easy to ignore your connection to existing or past customers. It’s vital that you set apart some time on a consistent basis, whether quarterly, monthly or even weekly, to keep in touch with your clients. You can follow them on social media platforms including LinkedIn and Twitter; offer your expert advice or even afford them access to your established network if possible.