How to Prevent Asset Theft – How Thieves Think

It is a fact that managers are in charge of assets in an organisation. It does not matter if they are valuable, trucks, cars, trailers, equipment, or simple and normal items, all of them are important to the industry. The million dollar question is, how do you keep these assets safe? Well, knowing the enemy (thief) is a great way to begin. In general, they will help keep you proactive while your fleet or equipment are on the road. Reviewing your point as a manager will greatly help you get into the right mindset. In other words, you will be able to identify vulnerabilities in your security before everything gets out of hand.

Thinking Like a Thief to Protect Assets

The big question is, how do you walk a mile in a thief’s shoes? Well, let’s dive into a portrait of a thief and the way you can use that information against them.

1. Window Shopping

The first thing thieves do before committing the act is window shop. In other words, visibility is a criminal’s best friend. They take every opportunity to scope for potential opportunities. Therefore, if you leave valuable items such as tools, handheld electronic devices, laptops, or any other speciality equipment visible is an open invitation.

To avoid giving them the opportunity, it is wise to hide them in specific storage areas like safes from Barrington Security. This technique will not only help you check them easily but also keep them away from those who would want to take them.

2. Making a Quick Buck

One of the characteristics of a thief is making quick bucks. They will always be interested in making quick bucks. In other words, they are looking for items they can sell for a profit. Some of the most popular construction equipment thieves are interested in include work trucks and trailers, because of their high selling value.

To avoid this, know the going rate of your assets; meaning identifying the asset most popular to be stolen and its worth. The moment you have identified them; you should take the most measures to protect them. The reason construction equipment are most vulnerable is that they necessarily do not have serial numbers, which makes it difficult for buyers to know if the items were stolen or not. As such, it is wise to include a permanent and clearly branded label. This will make it obvious that an asset was stolen if a thief attempts to sell it. At the same time, it will send a clear message to the thief that extra effort is needed to get money from the asset.

3. Minimum Risk Taking

Thieves are not risk takers and this is a fact. As such, they always do everything in their power to avoid the chances of getting caught or cornered. If equipment are locked with heavy duty locks and a good alarm system, they will avoid stealing them or will have to put in extra effort to steal, which isn’t ideal for them.

4. Getting Caught

All thieves do not like getting caught. This may look like an obvious thing but an important point for understanding the way they think. By understanding this point, if you put every measure to repel them, then all your efforts would not be in vain. As such, you should do everything to make it a real hassle to steal from you and get away with it. As such, you should always catalogue equipment and account for them. The moment you find something missing, you should take all necessary actions to address the problem.

This means having recovery systems installed. This simply means taking advantage of technology such as GPS tracking. A well installed GPS tracking system should be hidden and difficult for a thief to notice or deactivate. Well as much as you would want to be a hero, never go after the thief by yourself, report the matter to law enforcement. Lastly, your tools and equipment should be insured as a way to prepare for the worst scenarios like an asset that cannot be recovered.

Do not let yourself be a victim of theft; taking all necessary preventive measures is a wise decision. If your security is sloppy, thieves will eventually find a way to exploit it. Arming your assets with many security recoveries and deterrent systems will surely make everything difficult for them. In other words, the more measures you take, the better opportunity you have at protecting your assets.