How Can Field Service Management Software Help Your Business?

Field service management software can completely transform the way you run your business.  The software itself consolidates things like customer account management, invoicing, dispatching, scheduling, and reporting, making everyday tasks easier and much more efficient.  No matter whether you run a pool and spa company, or a HVAC business, field service management software makes productivity a priority, not only making your company more profitable in the long term but also keeping your customers happy.

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In this article, we’re going to briefly take a look at what a good field service management software and can do and the five key areas in which it can help your business.

What Does Field Service Management Software Do?

Having a team of specialists out in the field all day can be difficult to manage. However, with a good field management software for small business, like the one from GoCanvas you’ll be able to keep track of everything happening in the field in real time. Some of the things you’ll be able to do include:

  • Creating work orders
  • Managing inventory
  • Optimizing driver routes based on up-to-date GPS navigation
  • Scheduling work orders and appointments
  • Tracking and managing field employees
  • Managing customer needs and queries
  • Submitting daily logs

The Benefits of Field Management Software

Now that we know what field management software can do, let’s move on to the benefits.  We briefly touched on these above; however, below are the five key areas field management software can help with:

  • Improves productivity – By consolidating the processes your employees deal with out on the field, such as providing job status updates and scheduling appointments, your employees can get on with the more important parts of their job. They no longer have to spend as long on clerical jobs, improving their productivity in the field.
  • Saves time – Whether its driving a quicker route to an appointment, or consolidating work functions, field service management software can help your employees save time.
  • Improves customer service – Field service management software provides customers with a comprehensive portal. This ensures that they receive the help and attention they need without taking anything away from the employee providing the job.
  • Improves accuracy – With everything from inventory management to customer bookings and payroll all in one software, employers can avoid problems. Product excess, double booking, and payment issues will all be a thing of the past.
  • Increases profit – Finally, the thing that most business owners are most concerned about, field service management software increases profit. How does it do this?  By increasing accuracy, improving customer service, saving your employees time, and improving productivity.  All of these things work together to benefit your business in the best way.

No matter what time of field business you run, there are a lot of ways that field service management software could help you.  Like any business decision, choosing the right software will take a bit of research, although GoCanvas is one of the top picks for the reasons described above.  Hopefully this guide has provided you with the basics you need to get started.