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Packaging Testing in Medical Device Manufacturing

The standards for manufacturing medical devices are rigid and must follow FDA guidelines closely. The same can be said for the containers, pouches and cartons that the devices are sterilized and transported in. For every size and shape of packaging material, there is a specific standard that must be documented via testing before the packaging is considered safe for use.

Burst Testing

Burst testing is used to test the strength of a seal that has been attached to a container by one of several adhesives used in the industry. Using a specialized machine, air is blown into the container by way of a puncture in the lid. When the container has reached the threshold of how much air it can hold, it bursts. The machine produces a value which is then compared to the standards it must meet to satisfy quality assurance guidelines. This type of packaging testing is common … Read More

Why a Cash Advance is a Necessity at Times

We all experience hardships from time to time. By knowing how to work with a cash advance lender Mississippi households can often get the financial help that they need. It can help to combat financial woes easier than working with traditional banks.

Traditional Banks Aren’t for Everyone

The reality is that traditional banks aren’t for everyone. Banks will often require a significant amount of information when providing a loan. Additionally, they will typically loan thousands of dollars. A household may only need a specific amount of money in order to make ends meet temporarily. As such, a traditional bank won’t provide a loan for only a few hundred dollars. This leads households to explore another lending option.

Credit Scores Aren’t Always Used

Some individuals don’t have great credit scores. This makes it difficult to acquire traditional bank loans or credit cards. When a cash advance is needed, it may be … Read More

People Are Happy with the Win

I live with a great guy, my husband is my life but the truth is that we really do not have a lot in common. My husband and I are great friends but we also get under one another’s skin. He told me that he wanted to watch car racing instead of the Super Bowl. This is the same thing that we do every single year. I stay in the bedroom and watch the Super Bowl by myself and he stays out in the living room watching some car race from 5titans tech reviews, literally the desert in the middle of Arizona I think. It could also be Nevada, I can never remember. My mom and my dad raised us watching sports most of my life so I think that it’s fun to watch our local team, The New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Our entire area is … Read More

YouTube Wants to Work With Television Now

Over the past year, viewing YouTube on television has more than doubled, and now the video platform wants to work with broadcasters instead of competing with them.

Anybody at the YouTube Brandcast would have noticed a very different feeling to the event. The event last year saw Google telling advertisers if they would like to reach 16- to 34-year-olds that they would have to give 24% of their television budgets to YouTube. However, fast forward one year and YouTube is now taking an approach that is much more collaborative, saying that online video and TV work the best together.

YouTube stated that although 73% of viewing in the UK occurs on mobile, TV is its fastest-growing screen. We assume it comes off of a low base, however, the increase in the ownership of smart TVs and growing expectations from consumers to gain access to a broad range of content means … Read More

Why Banker Bashing Has A Long Way Yet To Run

When you’re sat at the wrong end of a mountain of debt, soullessly looking for work that isn’t there and listening to the ever growing bleatings of bank representatives trying to justify their workers bonuses there comes a point when you think ‘What is it about colossal financial mess, family break ups, depression and taxpayer bailouts that they don’t understand?’ Do these people comprehend even basic English? Were they prescribed anti-empathy pills from childhood?

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I am an endlessly patient man. Push me into a beehive covered in honey and I’m more likely to exclaim ‘fiddle-dee-dee, those stings are somewhat hurting me’ than berate you. Slap me in the face with a cast iron jousting glove and I’ll probably check to see that I’ve not left any dents in your family keepsake. But mention the words ‘stop bashing bankers’ … Read More