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YouTube Wants to Work With Television Now


Over the past year, viewing YouTube on television has more than doubled, and now the video platform wants to work with broadcasters instead of competing with them.

Anybody at the YouTube Brandcast would have noticed a very different feeling to the event. The event last year saw Google telling advertisers if they would like to reach 16- to 34-year-olds that they would have to give 24% of their television budgets to YouTube. However, fast forward one year and YouTube is now taking an approach that is much more collaborative, saying that online video and TV work the best together.

YouTube stated that although 73% of viewing in the UK occurs on mobile, TV is its fastest-growing screen. We assume it comes off of a low base, however, the increase in the ownership of smart TVs and growing expectations from consumers to gain access to a broad range of content means … Read More

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Why Banker Bashing Has A Long Way Yet To Run


When you’re sat at the wrong end of a mountain of debt, soullessly looking for work that isn’t there and listening to the ever growing bleatings of bank representatives trying to justify their workers bonuses there comes a point when you think ‘What is it about colossal financial mess, family break ups, depression and taxpayer bailouts that they don’t understand?’ Do these people comprehend even basic English? Were they prescribed anti-empathy pills from childhood?

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I am an endlessly patient man. Push me into a beehive covered in honey and I’m more likely to exclaim ‘fiddle-dee-dee, those stings are somewhat hurting me’ than berate you. Slap me in the face with a cast iron jousting glove and I’ll probably check to see that I’ve not left any dents in your family keepsake. But mention the words ‘stop bashing bankers’ … Read More

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Understanding The Impounded Car Insurance


Do you know that around 11,500 vehicles have been seized by the police because the owner was not able to produce the insurance documents? Well, this was the case of west midland and the data accounts for 12 months. That’s why it is important to know about the impounded car insurance. First of what it impound insurance?



The impounded car insurance policy provides a gateway to get back a car from the compounding of police on the spot if you present 30-day third party insurance cover. It is applicable to one driver at a time, aged between 21 and 75. You cannot use one-day car insurance to collect your car from a police compound, to retrieve the car; the owner of the car has to produce valid car insurance with its validity of 30 days.

From where to get:-

  • There are various online portals from where you can get
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How Can Field Service Management Software Help Your Business?


Field service management software can completely transform the way you run your business.  The software itself consolidates things like customer account management, invoicing, dispatching, scheduling, and reporting, making everyday tasks easier and much more efficient.  No matter whether you run a pool and spa company, or a HVAC business, field service management software makes productivity a priority, not only making your company more profitable in the long term but also keeping your customers happy.

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In this article, we’re going to briefly take a look at what a good field service management software and can do and the five key areas in which it can help your business.

What Does Field Service Management Software Do?

Having a team of specialists out in the field all day can be difficult to manage. However, with a good field management software for small business, like the one from GoCanvas you’ll … Read More

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How to Market Your Brand on a Budget


According to research conducted by Hubsport, a lack of funds is one of the primary problems that new businesses encounter in their operation. If you don’t have a lot of capital and you are unwilling to invest vast amounts of funds into trial-and-error based research, then it makes sense to find the most powerful low-budget ways of building up your brand.

Here are a few of the most versatile ways of brand-building:

1 – Get a Good Website

Even if you’ve been working for months or years on building a perfect product or service, it makes sense to take things one step at a time. It can be frustrating when you are struggling to gain market exposure, but in the early days all you need to do is create content that builds awareness and that educates people about who you are and what you have to offer. You need your … Read More

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