Day: January 10, 2019

YouTube Wants to Work With Television Now

Over the past year, viewing YouTube on television has more than doubled, and now the video platform wants to work with broadcasters instead of competing with them.

Anybody at the YouTube Brandcast would have noticed a very different feeling to the event. The event last year saw Google telling advertisers if they would like to reach 16- to 34-year-olds that they would have to give 24% of their television budgets to YouTube. However, fast forward one year and YouTube is now taking an approach that is much more collaborative, saying that online video and TV work the best together.

YouTube stated that although 73% of viewing in the UK occurs on mobile, TV is its fastest-growing screen. We assume it comes off of a low base, however, the increase in the ownership of smart TVs and growing expectations from consumers to gain access to a broad range of content means … Read More