Day: January 4, 2019

Why Banker Bashing Has A Long Way Yet To Run

When you’re sat at the wrong end of a mountain of debt, soullessly looking for work that isn’t there and listening to the ever growing bleatings of bank representatives trying to justify their workers bonuses there comes a point when you think ‘What is it about colossal financial mess, family break ups, depression and taxpayer bailouts that they don’t understand?’ Do these people comprehend even basic English? Were they prescribed anti-empathy pills from childhood?

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I am an endlessly patient man. Push me into a beehive covered in honey and I’m more likely to exclaim ‘fiddle-dee-dee, those stings are somewhat hurting me’ than berate you. Slap me in the face with a cast iron jousting glove and I’ll probably check to see that I’ve not left any dents in your family keepsake. But mention the words ‘stop bashing bankers’ … Read More