Day: September 18, 2018

7 Steps to Get Employed in Singapore

Singapore is not only known for its beautiful beaches and Twin Towers, but it is also known for its flexible, low taxation policies, low living costs and a welcoming environment. Many people share the dream of living and getting employment in Singapore.

Looking for a job can be difficult especially if you want to relocate yourself to a different county. Fortunately, the job market is growing and therefore, in Singapore job vacancy finding is not as hard as in western countries. The number of local and expat startups has increased many folds. It has become very easy and doable for foreigners to find a job in Singapore now. But there are always some certain ambiguities that hinder people from going that way, so here is a 7 steps guide for you that will make it convenient for you to correctly find a job in Singapore.

  1. Checking your eligibility

Before you … Read More

Learn How Architects Handle Fire Safety Issues in Residential and Commercial Construction

The law requires that an architect fully understand safety and health issues as well as how to protect the property from fire when they design a building. The laws surrounding fire safety are regularly updated and architects must always keep up with those updates and adhere to them as designers whenever working with existing or new buildings. Back in 2008, the UK established some new documentation that covered a whole range of fire issues associated with buildings. Here we’ll take a look at some of those key areas which can affect the design of a building and we will give particular emphasis to the architectural benefits as well as any limitations.

It is important that architects see the property from all its angles which includes from the view of an occupant as well as first responders. This means they will need to consider the type of materials they use for … Read More

Real Estate Marketing Ideas For 2018

Putting in place strategies that can help you achieve maximum exposure and set you apart from the rest, is essential when it comes to commercial real estate marketing. To assist you in staying ahead of the chasing pack in this digital age, even as the commercial real estate market continues to change through 2018, we have put together a list of marketing ideas for realtors.

Here’s a  list from of marketing ideas and approaches to help you distinguish yourself from the competition, and as such, make a success out of your operation.

1. Responsive Website

The main foundation of all your digital marketing efforts is considered to be your website. Up to 80 percent of tenants and investors make purchase and lease decisions through online resources. As such attracting prospects, achieving brand visibility and pushing sales and lease-ups are all dependent on your website. Furthermore, your website’s user experienceRead More